Athletic Edge Sports Massage
Athletic Edge Sports Massage

Your boutique home for Athletes and Sports Massage.  We are a group of Licensed Pros that cater to Athletes and Injuries.

Welcome to Athletic Edge Sports Massage

Welcome to Athletic Edge Sports Massage

Welcome to Athletic Edge Sports MassageWelcome to Athletic Edge Sports MassageWelcome to Athletic Edge Sports Massage

About Us


Your Home for Healing - Who are we?

Licensed Professionals with a real passion  and love for sport.  Our objective is to help our fellow athlete achieve their goals via Sports Massage/Cupping/Graston and Stretching.    How  you peform  is a  direct compliment  to  what we  do in  office.

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Who Do We Help?

Pros (NFL/NBA/MBA/MLS), Crossfit, Triathletes, Runners, Golfers,  Dancers, Hollywood;  especially Stunt & Camera Crew.  If you are an athlete - you are who we help.  If you have an injury, that is also whom we help.

FOR A-LISTERS/NDA and Pro travel contact Eileen directly via  text;  (678)231-2619

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Experienced Knowledge

We know how to help you, because we are you!  Our career choice is a way of life for each of us.  We are artists and athletes and your biggest Cheerleader.  YOU are our product and we need to see you doing your thing.

Types of Treatment

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is literally all we know.  Athletes need a special focus for their capabilities and specificity for sport.  Each therapist will utilize their individual skill set to help you with your needs.  TIME is the factor.  Choose a shorter time frame for focus on just one area.  30 min session is great for pure neck work.  60 mins is good for a solid leg flush.  

If you are a larger athlete (DT/OL) you will want at least 2 hours.

The  3 hr  sessions  are  under  Professional athlete  and request  this  is  booked from  athletes  that  regularly  receive  treatment.

Relaxation Recuperative

There are days when perhaps sports therapy is too aggressive, or maybe you are not in the mood for rehab.  A few of the therapists can provide this type of treatment.  We will request that you vocalize what you are in the mood for treatment that day.  

Professional Athlete

The fee is the same as we only bill with time.    This  option exists for us to have  the right equipment in the room.   We have table extenders for our over 7‘  athletes.    The 3 hour treatment option  is available under this section.  For health reasons, please respect what your body is capable of handling.

Message and Directions

Directions for Buckhead location

Athletic Edge Sports Massage Buckhead Location

2985 Piedmont Road Northeast, Atlanta, Georgia 30305, United States

TEXT: (678) 231-2619


We are by appointment only.  There are many days where we have appointments available early am as well as later in the evening.   We are here 7 days a week and even some Holidays.  We all love family time and it is encouraged by management to shut it down as needed.    Play Offs, Super Bowl and Final Everything ARE Holidays :)!  What is open online, is very up to date.  


Free Parking right out front.  Only entrance at the stoplight of Pied/pharr.

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