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Athletic Edge Sports Massage
Athletic Edge Sports Massage


Welcome to Athletic Edge Sports Massage.  We are a boutique facility geared to helping the athlete both stay on the field and geting back to the field.  We are comprised of a group of athletes with varying artistic and educational experiences. The one thing we all have in common, we are all athletes and are excited to help keep you on your field of choice.  Simply put, we enjoy helping “Making the Best Better”.


Who we help is as important as to whom we do not help.  If you are looking for a spa experience, that we are not.  We are therapy based and our main goal is to help you realize your own athletic abilities via sports massage therapy.  Our athletes range from the weekend warrior trying to get through a 5k to those riding their bikes physically around the USA and beyond.  

On the professional side, NFL found us first and that is whom we truly cater towards.   NBA  and  MLB found  us  second.    Boxers, Ballet and Olympians have always been a core part of  Athletic Edge Sports  Massage.   Depending on what position you play/ed would dictate which therapist to utilize.  The flagship location in Buckhead, all the rooms are named after professional athletes that helped realize the dream of creating a home for athletes.

Christine,  LaKisha and  Eileen struggle  with  delivering a relaxation  massage.   Please  keep this in mind  when  setting  up  your   reservation.


We charge the same for time, with the exception of on-site and travel service.  The only travel service offered is reserved for the Pros, Hollywood and both beach and ski trips can be set up for travel days and weeks.

We recognize that even our elite athletes from time to time prefer to have a ‘Recuperative Relaxation’ moment.  The ‘Professional Athlete’ option is geared towards the pros as we have equipment in certain rooms geared towards the larger athlete (height and build).  The real long session is actually not healthy depending on the state of your body system day of session.  When in doubt, less is more.


We work with athletes.  If you are an athlete the suggested guidelines are for you.  If you are not an athlete and working at reclaiming your health, we are happy to help you and suggest you receive health guidelines from your healthcare practitioner.  There really is such a thing as too much too soon.  This is not traditional relaxation massage, that type of work has a time and place.  Many places exist that can help you with these needs.  Often we find athletes wander in because they want more than just lotion placed on them.  We respect ALL body work, and encourage everyone to receive a variety of treatments out there.  Do know when you come to us, we are therapy based.  Please be respective of what we cater towards.

Your body is a very strong, delicate organism.  When choosing how long to book a session, be realistic with how long you have received therapy in the past.  You wouldn’t want to go run a marathon without first training for it, so please respect the process.  The body can only absorb so much in a session.  If you are used to receiving a 1-2 hour session of therapy then please book that length.  If you have never received therapy before, it it not advised to jump into the deep end.  Less really is more when it comes to starting sports therapy.  On the other side, if you are used to receiving care, and you know your body needs the longer session, please do schedule the length you need.  You will find the 3 hr session offered under Professional Athlete.  Several athletes out there utilize the 3-5 hr range, please contact Eileen directly to set up this session.  This length of time is strongly discouraged if your system is unhealthy.  We reserve the right to shorten your session if your body does not respond properly.

We work with young athletes, and tend to be on the aggressive side.  Their system can and needs the more aggressive work.  If you are coming from a Spa environment and used to the fluff type of work, do not book anything too long.  Your body will not like you. 

 If you are significantly overweight or underweight, please seek the guidance from your healthcare provider for how long and when for treatment.  We love helping our fellow man stay healthy.  Everyone has a starting point, and if you are at that place we are happy to be on your team.   If you have any specific questions, or which therapist would be the right fit, please send us a message.

Professional Athletes - please do not schedule anything less than 90 minutes.  Your needs are way more advanced than normal athletes.  The larger the body (DT/OL) the longer the session you will want to book.  Even if you are retired and no longer in the daily grind, odds are high you will need the longer session.  Just because your daily grind has changed the body still needs to move and not hurt.  Female athletes, some teams will usually allow an hour which is a significant time luxury compared to many limitations the athletic trainer and Medical Team are put under.  If your team has delegated a time limit, have no fear we know how to get to your challenges and quickly.  Of course it also comes down to whatever your body typically can tolerate.  We work within your confines.  If you do a longer session please work with your therapist as for a game plan of how long you can lay in a certain position.

It bears repeating that we ask that you are complete in explaining what is going on with your body so we can help you to our best capabilities.  If you are not in the mood for Cupping, or Graston or are in the mood for something, please inform us, and do not wait until the very end.  We will do the best we can to create a game plan for you, but ultimately you live in your body and you have all the answers.

Something oddly noted, always surprised when a pro walks in the door and is in year 3 and beyond and has never received work.  Very impressed with what your body has been able to do without the tlc, and we cannot wait to see what kind of freedom of motion we assist your body to obtain.  January 2019 time was spent in Texas helping the athletes with the AAF league, this was so apparent that some of the athletes were in that league from injury, and some of that injury was from simply not being able to find someone with skill set to help their bodies function at the high level needed.  It doesn’t matter what someone’s title is, it is a matter if the body worker has a skill set to be able to help your body accomplish goals.  Build that team, converse with your colleagues.  We have an extensive list of referrals, but ultimately usually all you have to do is ask your buddy lifting next to you.  You get to year 2 and haven’t developed a team, please start listening to your friends and ask what they do to stay healthy and get better.  It is also your ‘pay it forward’ moment of brotherly/sisterly love to share resources with those around you.  


Well hopefully a change of some kind.  Sometimes keeping your body as status quo is a change.  Soft tissue work is not magical, but opening up the system and flushing it can be very changing.  What you do before and after can have a direct impact on how well your results go.  Like anything, the more regular care (both with assistance and self care) you do, the more your amazing body can perform.  


One of the leading reasons Athletic Edge Sports Massage was created came out of the frustration that athletes just did not have a home.  The demand was so high, it is an on going challenge to keep finding talent.  The actual act of treatment is demanding.  It is a non stop grind all day every day and we are up for the challenge.  If you are in the field or wanting to get in the field and have a background and passion for sport, please feel free to send your resume/CV to us.  



Our flagship location is in the heart of Buckhead.  2985 Piedmont Rd NE ATL, Ga 30305.  

We have free parking right out front which is a rarity in Atlanta.  Piedmont Commons is located at the intersection of Piedmont Rd NE and Pharr Rd with entrance at the stoplight. 

East Cobb: 

We were asked to come back to the office of Neurosport Physical Therapy.  It is an honor and easy choice to come back and service East Cobb at 1163 Johnsons Ferry Rd at Woodlawn Commons inside Neurosport Physical Therapy.

Dana and Christine during Graston Training.  We genuinely have fun all day everyday.

Dana and Christine during Graston Training. We genuinely have fun all day everyday.