Satellite office in East Cobb now available for booking.

Athletic Edge Sports Massage
Athletic Edge Sports Massage




Located inside Piedmont Commons.  There are three brick buildings inside Piedmont Commons.  We are in the most Southern brick building.  Entrance to Piedmont Commons is at the corner of Piedmont Rd NE and Pharr Rd.  Entrance is only at the stoplight.  Once inside the complex go South to the end building and end door.  From the front door step, the car wash is across the street.  BP & Waffle House are also landmarks across the street.   Eileen Steil Sports Massage is outside the building.  Once inside the building, go down one flight.  There is ample free parking right out front.

East Cobb

East  Cobb,  we  are  located  inside  Neurosport  Physical  Therapy  inside  Woodlawn  Commons.    Free  ample  parking  out  front  is  available.