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Athletic Edge Sports Massage
Athletic Edge Sports Massage
Price for Sports Massage Professional Athletes Buckhead



We  charge  according  to  time.    We do  not  believe  in  charging  different  because  you  need  a  different  type  of  treatment.    We  are  all  professionals,  and  whatever  style  of  work  your  body  requires  that  day,  we  utilize.   

Every therapist brings a different form of artwork to their treatments.  We are ALL athletes at some level.

Times offered: 

30 minutes $50

45 minutes $65

60 minutes $80

75 minutes $95

90 minutes $110

120 minutes $140

150 minutes $175 (2.5 hrs for pros)

180 minutes $215 (3 hrs for pros)

Less  than  24  hr  notice  cancellation  fee:  $50

Let‘s  be  real,  if  you  are  serious  about  your  healthcare,  you  will  do  what   you can  to contact  us  if  you  cannot  make  it.    You  pull  a no  show  and  do  not  get  ahold  of  us,  you  are  wasting  time  of  serious  athletes.  We  only want those that  care  about  their  healthcare.    We  take  this  stance  very  serious  as  this  is our  way  of  protecting  appointment  times  for  those that  belong  here.    


The only house calls offered are for Professional athletes and A listers.

PLEASE  CONTACT  EILEEN  DIRECTLY.    We  do  offer  day  fees when needed on site all day.  Costs vary accordingly to location and distance traveled.  NDA’s of course.

WE DO NOT OFFER GROUP DISCOUNTS OR DISCOUNTS OF ANY KIND.  Please  do  not  discredit our  talents.    We  keep  our  rates  resonable as we strive to help our fellow man, and not just those that can afford it.  Gratuities are accepted.

Volatility of Schedule

Christine, Brandon and Eileen’s schedule have volatility to them.  Christine & Eileen are on call for several Pros - we are just trying to help your Fantasy League points.  We apologize in advance for movement of schedule as it will happen both in and out of season, there just really isn’t an off season anymore.  If this is not acceptable for you, please schedule with another therapist.  We want whatever is ideal in your World.  We are doing everything we can to keep everyone happy and healthy.

Brandon still performs professionally (go see him!).  From time to time he also has last minute changes.

Our group does everything we can to cover deficits, we do prioritize those that make their income off their body, to injuries, to keeping you on your respected fields.  You can see why we push towards only athletes, you are all we know, and as an athlete you get the needs and respect of others.